The First Major International Education Event in Myanmar

Visitors have the opportunity to talk to representatives from schools all over Myanmar, regionally and internationally to learn more about education.

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The Educational System of Myanmar

(also known as Burma) is operated by the government Ministry of Education. Universities and professional institutes from upper Burma and lower Burma are run by two separate entities, the Departments of Higher Education (Lower Burma and Upper Burma), whose office headquarters are in Yangon and Mandalay respectively.

“The first Government high school was founded by the British colonial administration in 1874. Two years later, this Government High School was upgraded and became University College, Rangoon. Nearly all schools are government-operated, but recently, there has been an increase in privately funded schools. Schooling is compulsory until the end of elementary school, probably about 9 years old, while the compulsory schooling age is 15 or 16 at international level.

The literacy rate of Burma, according to the 2014 Burma Census stands at 89.5%.



International education providers and foreign universities are investing in Myanmar education sector as the market for international schools and private education sector starts to take off. There is a big market in Myanmar as Myanmar parents are eager to invest in their children’s education to get quality education, while staying at their home country. The government has changed its educational policies to promote the education sector both in basic and higher education. Private schools are now allowed to operate with limited supervision from Government. Now in Yangon, there are increasing number of international schools, educational agencies and institutions that collaborate with foreign universities. Because of these changes in the educational sector, Myanmar citizens now enjoy more choices in education and this may also help improve sociocultural sector.

Today, private schools provide pre-elementary, elementary, secondary and higher-education levels courses to meet popular demand for the market in English language, computing, accounting and business-related training. International Programmes providers will continue to engage with the higher education sector in Myanmar, building academic links between international institutions and Myanmar counterparts. In Yangon, some of the leading institutions for higher education include Myanmar Imperial College, Victoria University College, Temasek Hospitality College, Myanmar Nobel college, STI education, Aptech, Gusto Institute, Excel Education Centre, YIUS pre university level studies and MCC that offer certificates and diplomas from their partnered international universities.

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The market is expanding for both educational services that provide link- ages for foreign study and international institutions that offer basic and higher education.


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